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Good for people, the environment and enthusiasts

The 2CV4U Foundation was established to offer job seekers with a distance to the labor market a learn-work place and to obtain the basic qualifications that give access to the regular labor market.

Since 2011, 2CV4U, as a learn-work company, guides dozens of people to work and education every year.

The work of the participants contributes to the turnover, making the company a self
earning power developed. Proceeds benefit our
foundation objective and thereby create social value.

The work, the guidance and the qualifying training that we provide at these orientation places are aimed at the outflow of the participant to regular work.

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Sometimes it is not the work itself that is performed that is central, but learning to work (again). Aspects such as handling assignments, arriving on time, work rhythm and cooperation with colleagues are all matters that can be included in the supervision plan.


A special group of people are the status holders, where practicing the Dutch language is often central.

With the establishment on the new Nyma site, the technical activities have been expanded with a parcel service and a 2CV rental company. This has considerably increased the possibilities of offering suitable work.

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